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Combustion equipment

SAS offers specialist expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of a range of combustion equipment, specifically configured, on a site-by-site basis, to address defined  combustion challenges.

In particular, it has developed a biomass gasifier and associated enclosed flares for biomass gasifiers. SAS has also worked closely with its clients to develop other combustion-related equipment including noise reducers, low-temperature CO catalytic oxidizers, distillation systems for biofuels production and biogas burners.

As a result of SAS’s partnership with RJM International,  SAS is also able to offer a broad range of emissions reduction technologies and new equipment, ranging from single injector nozzles right up to the full replacement of a power plant's entire burner set, using  a 'custom-engineered' Ultra-Low NOx Burner solution, based on RJM’s own-design Ultra-Low NOx burner technology.   

Combustion equipment

This custom approach ensures that SAS / RJM can  meet or exceed existing burner performance at a client's facility, since an entire solution is provided and  not just a single piece of equipment.

A good example is the project at AES Kilroot in Northern Ireland where SAS carried out in-depth CFD analysis and then worked with RJM on the installation of the new burner equipment and other upgrades to deliver the performance improvements indicated by SAS' CFD and computational engineering analysis. More on this project.