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Process controls and burner systems

Every SAS engineer has over twenty years' of process engineering or combustation expertise and having built up its client roster over the past eight years, SAS is able to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions to the power, process and petrochemical sectors.

In addition, thanks to SAS’ partnership with RJM International, a specialist European provider of emissions reduction products and services, SAS is also able to supplement that offer with additional emsissions reduction products and services focused on the thermal power generation sector and other large combustion plant. 

In each case, SAS will custom-engineer a solution to best suit a set of specific emissions or performance criteria.

All of the technologies available to SAS are mutually compatible and this means that the most appropriate mix of technologies to meet the project objectives can be applied, with the result that both capital and ongoing operational costs can be kept to a minimum.

For example, using these "multiple-layered” technologies, SAS can provide emissions solutions to give greater than 90% NOx reductions from an existing plant baseline.