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CFD modeling of a multi-point flare

A flare vendor in Tulsa was required to demonstrate that the flame height from a multi-point flare would not exceed the height of the enclosure.

Working with our client, measurements were taken from a single burner - the actual flare had hundreds of  burners - both in and out of the wind.

This information was then used to calibrate a single CFD model and once the single burner performance data had been confirmed, the model was then extended to include all the burners.

SASDCFD analysis indicated that the proposed design was 20% too short, so SAS engineers re-designed the enclosure to the desired height.

On start-up, no flame was observed above the enclosure – preventing potentially costly field modifications to the flare enclosure.


SAS engineers worked with the client to validate the predicted flame shape and height data for multiple flare burners.