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Improving oil-water separator performance

When the [name to go in here] oil & gas field in the Indian Ocean had to cut production by 50% because its existing oil-water separator was no longer removing all the water before the critical gas compression stage, SAS was called in by GasTech, a Tulsa-based specialist supporting the petrochemical sector, to provide additional technical expertise and come up with a viable, cost-effective solution.

Having created a transient. three-phase CFD model, it became clear to SAS that the gas was not by-passing the liquids, but was in fact interacting with them in an unexpected manner. 

Through trying out various permutations within the CFD model, SAS engineers developed a re-design and re-positioning of various internal baffles which eliminated this gas-water interaction. These relatively minimal - but crucial - changes were then implemented inside the oil-water separator on the production platform and as a result, the problems were eliminated and full production was restored.