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Concept project to produce synfuels

SAS demonstrated how it would be possible to harness three separate outputs, namely electricity, high temperature steam and CO2 effluent - all of them sourced from a 450MWe coal-fired power plant  - to produce hydrogen and syngas.

To do this, specialists at SAS developed a process model in MATLAB / Excel that provided the raw data for a parametric study to demonstrate how steam at 800°C could produce hydrogen-enriched syngas to feed a Fisher-Tropsch based synfuel refinery, for the production of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and chemicals.

As an additional refinement, the proposed system utilised renewable electricity generated by wind and solar PV, combined with the on-site generated power.

A follow-on study by SAS is extending these results to include the physical design of the refinery to produce these liquid fuels.