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SAS forms JV with RJM International

SAS, Inc. forms joint-venture with UK-based RJM International. April 18, 2011

SAS, Inc., a provider of technology solutions based in Tulsa, OK, has formed a joint venture with RJM International (RJM), based in Winchester, UK, to bring advanced combustion solutions to the to a broader market of power producers in the U.S. market.

The new company will focus on assisting power plant operators to reduce costs and better meet environmental regulations.

Joseph D. Smith, SAS President stated, “This new partnership will leverage our world class computer aided engineering services with RJM’s low NOx burner and systems technology to provide our client with a custom product to help them meet ever increasingly stringent environmental regulation in the fossil power industry”.  He further stated that “RJM has a long track record of excellent customer service and suburb engineering expertise in the electric power industry we are excited to join forces with them to grow our business”.

According to John Goldring, RJM Managing Director, "The rising cost of meeting increasingly-stringent environmental regulations make efficient combustion a necessity.

"SAS is focused on helping power plant operators meet local, state and federal environmental regulations,” he added.

Goldring adding, “Using advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, SAS is able to identify inefficiencies and model the most effective solutions. This can help power producers greatly reduce both costs and emissions," he concluded.

Smith went on to say, “SAS’ technical experts have successfully addressed many of the complex issues governing safe, efficient, and clean operation in a cost-effective manner by coupling computational analysis with field testing and equipment optimization.  The new company will provide better coverage to key market areas in the Americas," he added.

“Our engineering staff has over 100 years' of combined experience in using computer-aided engineering (CAE)  tools to solve the tough problems and provide practical industrial solutions to our clients," he confirmed.