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SAS takes part in Coal-Gen 2014

SAS takes part in panel at Coal-Gen 2014 on 'The impact of Cheap Gas on Coal'. August 22, 2014

Joseph Smith, President, SAS, Inc. attended the recent Coal-Gen 2014 conference held in Nashville, Tennessee  where he joined Grant Grothen (Principal, Burns & McDonnell) and Dave Hughes (President, Global Sustainability Research) in the plenary session titled “Natural Gas: Is the Threat to Coal Sustainable?”

Dr. Smith mentioned that at sub-$3 per mmBtu the levelized cost of using natural gas is three times lower than coal.  Grothen reminded power generators that gas power also emits greenhouse gases which could soon be limited through the EPA’s New Source Performance Standard (NSPS). 

Hughes said potential EPA regulations could be enforced on methane emissions from shale gas since methane is much more harmful than CO2 from coal as a greenhouse gas. 

The session was well attended and a lively discussion followed the presentations.