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SAS presents at Smart Grid Conference in India

SAS presents two papers at the International Smart Grid Technology Conference, Coimbatore, India. August 6 - 8, 2015

Joseph Smith, President, SAS, Inc. attended the recent International Conference on Smart Grid Technologies, held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University on 6 - 8 August and  gave the keynote address, entitled 'Resilient Energy through Hybridization in Microgrid Applications'.

Commenting on the event, Joseph Smith said, "The conference focused on some of the most important power supply challenges facing India and other rapidly developing economies. A key theme explored how to exploit innovative smart grid technologies which can combine hybrid energy systems in micro-grid configurations, so that 24/7 power availability can be maintained despite demand outstripping supply as the economy grows and the population increases.”

Joseph Smith also gave a tutorial on biomass gasification. In India, the opportunity to use biomass materials - including organic animal waste - to fuel stand-alone district power generation facilities are growing strongly. "These on-site facilities give greater control to the local community, avoid fossil fuel costs -typically diesel - and also mean reduced carbon emissions," he confirmed. 

The Conference sessions were well-attended, with over 200 delegates drawn from across India and the Indian sub-continent.

Joseph Smith in India

Joseph Smith with some of the Indian delgates