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Meet the team

SAS consists of experienced CFD engineers, qualified engineering professionals with strong track records in the power sector and process industries, plus senior university staff with experience in combustion sciences.

The senior management team includes:

Larry BergLawrence D. Berg

Vice-President of Engineering

M.A. M.S.M.E. from M.I.T.
B.S.M.E. from Colorado State University

Larry Berg has been working with CFD analysis for over 20 years in relation to combustion engineering, beginning in graduate school at M.I.T. where he successfully developed a CFD method for predicting NO from an axi-symetric burner flame.

Since then he has successfully utilized CFD analysis to predict furnace NO trends (coal, oil, natural gas), unburned carbon in coal flames, coal gasification reactions, flame interactions and solved numerous mixing or flow-related industrial problems. 

Larry is the holder of six combustion-related patents and has written and presented numerous technical papers and articles.  He is also a member of the Combustion Institute and the ASME Combustion and Fuels Division. For a full resume, please contact us. 

Roger H. Witte RHW

Vice-President of Marketing and Sales

B.S.C.E. from Colorado School of Mines

Roger H. Witte, VP Marketing and Sales, leads the business drive to market SAS’ new equipment lines to its clients. Areas of specific focus include biomass gasifiers, enclosed flares, low-temperature catalytic oxidizers and biogas burners.

A chemical engineer by training, Roger has has held a number of senior positions in the energy sector, including roles with John Zink Company LLC (combustion experience) and ConocoPhillips (refining operating experience). 

During his time with John Zink he presented at the John Zink Burner and Flare Schools and gained in-depth experience across starting up process burners, flares, incinerators, and gasoline recovery units for the company. For a full resume, please contact us.

John GoldringJohn Goldring


B.Sc. from South Bank University, London

John Goldring is based in the UK and is Managing Director of RJM International, the primary commercial partner of SAS, Inc.

John has over twenty five years' of technical, commercial and company management experience providing combustion engineering services and products to the power generation and process sectors worldwide. He has personally led and managed a number of successful combustion and emissions improvement projects for leading global power companies.

He is a Director of the British Flame Research Council, the UK branch of the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) and also sits on the Scientific Committee for The European Industrial Furnaces and Boiler Conference (InFub). For a full resume, please contact us.