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Systems Analyses and Solutions, Inc., (SAS), was established in 2006 by a team of engineering specialists with a combined 100 plus years of experience in Combustion, Reaction Engineering, Process Technology and Applied CFD.

Through their own professional experience, combining laboratory-based research with the management of complex engineering projects, they realised that demand existed amongst power and process businesses for a specialist provider that could understand their technical issues and come up with a solution that would actually work in the real world.

It is this combination of forensic, science-based analysis that is then applied to deliver practical, engineering-based solutions that has earned SAS a sound reputation as the 'go to' provider for resolving complex problems that mainstream companies in this sector are frequently unable to resolve.

Typically, SAS will aim to provide a complete solution to each customer. Its services include in-depth analysis, design, fabrication and installation of modified or new industrial plant and the creation of new operating procedures. 

SAS' broad range of experience and relatively small size allows it to nimbly meet and exceed the demanding expectations that dominate today’s business climate.

The company's core engineering team has successfully engineered projects for major utilities, petrochemical plants and biomass-to-ethanol plants.

SAS' expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling has now earned the company an international clientele, outside the USA and many European power plants have benefitted from SAS' CFD work to help resolve their own emissions and performance issues.

Over the past five years, SAS personnel have designed, built and operated a process development bench scale reactor, a Helmholtz noise reduction resonator and assisted clients with numerous product development activities – including certifications by various organizations (UL, ICC, etc.).

SAS executives have also written numerous, peer-reviewed, technical publications and hold professional engineering licenses for three states. Its team operates at the leading edge of technology, enabling the company to respond proactively to evolving environments and to the changing needs of its clients.

SAS timeline


SAS signs agreement with TARMAC to provide biomass gasifier with biogas burner for rotary kiln drying system.


SAS completes biomass gasifier enclosed flare design for Denver Zoo.

SAS provides design for biofuels distillation system to Proton Power SAS provides design modification to biomass gasifier to reduce CO and NOx by 50% for Atlantic Power.


SAS completes detailed analysis of Carbon Utilization Plant involving 475 MW coal-fired plant with High Temperature Steam Electrolysis for CEATI Technology with Deseret Power, TVA and SaskPower.

SAS completes design evaluation of Heavy Crude Flash Vaporizer for Saudi Aramco.


SAS completes slug catcher design optimization to reduce liquid by-pass by 80% for Select Engineering.

SAS completes design optimization of oil/water separator for Gas Tech.


SAS, LLC reorganized as a C-corporation in partnership with RJM International.


SAS contracts with Uintah Partners to develop Low Temperature CO Catalytic Oxidizer for Black Wax Project.

SAS completes analysis of Elevated Multi-Tip Flare ignition for Zeeco / Statoil.


SAS completes design analysis of Range Fuels Cellulosic Ethanol Plant  Reformer.


SAS completes Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Kinetic Tool for Bloom Energy.


SAS completes detailed analysis of large ground flare for Zeeco. Results presented  at American-Japanese Flame Research Committee International Symposium.


SAS, LLC formed.