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About SAS

Systems Analyses and Solutions, Inc. (SAS), is a specialist technical consultancy that offers a broad range of advanced engineering products and solutions, including “world-class multi-physics” CFD analyses, to the electric power and chemical / petrochemical process industries world-wide.

RJM logoIn 2011, SAS reorganized as a C-corporation in partnership with UK-based RJM International, one of the world's leading providers of emissions reduction technologies and products for power stations and other large combustion plant. This partnership is enabling SAS and RJM to work closely together to provide the highest level of CFD and other Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) services and combustion products to their customers on a global basis.

SAS has a strong track record of success delivering technically complex solutions that work in the real world.  Its multi-strand offer enables its customers to adapt to changes in environmental legislation and ensure compliance, while simultaneously improving operating efficiencies, plant performance and reliability.

In today's complex environment, manufacturers, factories, refineries, power plants and chemical plants are all under increasing pressure to expand output, improve efficiencies, reduce emissions and generally lower costs across the board. In other words, do a lot more for a lot less.

Inevitably, this can cause tensions in the production cycle and lead to plant inefficiencies and even plant failures that operators and engineers are often unable to fully resolve themselves.

SAS provides an independent, world-class expert resource to support the in-house team to address those complex power and process challenges. These can then be resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner, with minimum down-time and maintenance costs.

SAS has established and demonstrated its logical approach of working with its clients in very efficient and effective ways which begin by developing an in-depth understanding of its  clients' needs.

Once that understanding is achieved, SAS determines what support is most appropriate among the many engineering areas in which SAS has expertise. SAS always seeks to provide a complete solution based on its extensive experience, using the services it provides ranging from in-depth analysis, to design and operation of complex process development facilities, to fabrication and installation of new industrial equipment.

SAS' broad range of experience and small size allows it to nimbly meet and exceed the demanding expectations of today’s business climate.

SAS' core engineering team has over 100 years' professional experience and has successfully engineered projects for major electric power utilities, petrochemical plants and biomass-based biofuel plants.

SAS' expertise in CFD modeling has earned an international reputation from its diverse world-wide clientele. During the past five years, SAS has designed, built and operated bench scale chemical reactors, Helmholtz noise reduction resonators and assisted several clients with numerous product and process development activities – including certifications by organizations including UL, ICC, etc.

SAS experts have written numerous peer-reviewed publications and hold professional engineering licenses and certifications. Its team is on the leading edge of technology, enabling SAS to proactively respond to evolving environments and to the changing needs of its clients.

SAS works with some of the world's leading power producers and companies in the chemical and petrochemical process industries, delivering sophisticated, engineering-based solutions to resolve complex performance challenges.

Typically, SAS exploits its world-class knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis to ensure its solutions deliver the required performance improvements in the field.

As well as proven expertise in CFD, SAS has the resources and capabilities to perform detailed process design, to fabricate and manufacture, and to assist with the installation or modification of new components, as required.

SAS also has the unique ability to work closely with a client's own engineering team to produce custom designs and to ensure specific performance capability, successful commissioning and ongoing operational excellence.